6 unique wedding entertainment ideas to help create a memorable day

Unique wedding entertainment ideas to help create a memorable day from classic photo booths

So, you are planning a wedding! There is so much to think about and organise. While the most important thing is that the bride and groom have an amazing day, you also want the guests to have a great time and look back at your special day with fond memories. Planning some entertainment or activities is a great idea so you can head off and get your photos done and enjoy mingling at your own pace, knowing your guests are looked after. The perfect entertainment ideas add to your big day. While hiring an entertainer may seem like a good idea, they can be expensive, and you don’t want them to detract from YOUR day or overshadow it. It’s also hard finding something that everyone will enjoy; and you don’t want to make some people uncomfortable.

So, with that in mind, here are our top 6 ideas for wedding entertainment.

  1. Get a bouncy castle
    If you are going to have kids at your wedding and have the space, hiring a bouncy castle is an amazing way to help keep the kids entertained so the parents can relax and chat with their friends and family. Parents will remember how thoughtful you were to provide entertainment and activities for the kids, to take the pressure off them. Plus, adults love bouncy castles too! Other kids’ activity ideas you could add in are a colouring in station, and a kid’s scavenger hunt.

  2. Hire a Photo Booth
    This serves two purposes; not only do your guests get to have a blast taking pictures of themselves in their wedding-day outfits with some awesome props, they get a keepsake to take away with them, AND it’s an amazing way to capture all your guests and memories of the day. Plus, you get a visual keepsake of all your friends and family having fun. You can usually get all these pictures made into a special photo album, so you have a truly special memento. Just make sure you choose a photo booth that comes with an attendant, so you don’t have to worry about managing the booth or troubleshooting if something goes wrong!

  3. Photo scavenger hunt
    On each wedding table you can provide a disposable camera and leave them with a list of things to capture, like a scavenger hunt. For example, two people kissing, a selfie, someone letting loose on the dance floor etc. Have some fun with it! You could also get them to use their own phones/cameras instead and give them a shared location or email address to upload the photos to after. Not only is this a fun activity for your guests, you get some more great photos and memories from the day as well.

  4. Table trivia
    Leave a bunch of trivia cards on each table. People love a good quiz and answering questions! This can be a great un-obtrusive way to get guests at each table interacting and having fun.
  1. Have a creative guest book
    Having a guest book is a great way to capture all the special people that were part of your day. There are some great ways to jazz it up and make it more fun, or an even more treasured keepsake for you. Some ideas include:
    • A fingerprint tree –guests imprint their fingerprint as a leaf on a tree and write their name next to it. This could then be framed after as a keepsake.
    • Have a polaroid camera there and get each couple/person to take a picture of themselves using the camera, then write their names and a message on the back – or stick them into a book with their message next to it.
    • Jenga guestbook – each person writes on a block and adds it to the Jenga tower!
    • Heart jigsaw puzzle – get a puzzle created in the shape of a heart, and guests could sign the back of each piece.
    • Have guests sign or leave a message in an album of photos taken in a photo booth, a great memento to take away on the night.

  2. Ice cream station, lolly station or dessert bar
    Everyone loves a good sweet station! Whether it is a ‘make your own ice cream sundae’ with a myriad of toppings and sprinkles, or a classic lolly pick and mix into cute wedding themed bags, or a full on dessert bar, this is one things people will definitely remember! And the kids will love it too.